Week 3 Overview: Bike, Bus, Explore

By Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Have you tried using the bike racks on the front of city buses? The bike racks are super simple to use and you will find them on buses in 7 of our 8 UCycle communities*. They are handy for those long or rainy/windy days when you just don’t feel like biking home, or if you are headed to a destination a bit further away and would prefer not to bike the entire distance.

This week, the London Transit Commission joined us at our Western University “Bike Stop” to provide students with an opportunity to practice using the bike racks. We’ve heard from a lot of people that it can be intimidating to try out the bus bike racks for the first time on a bus full of passengers eager to get to their destination, and we agree! On Monday, we spoke with students who were surprised at how easy it is to use the bike racks once they gave them a try. Thanks to the LTC for bringing their demo unit to our event. Hopefully many more Western students will take advantage of these racks over the next few months.

Western Campus Police also joined us at the Bike Stop and distributed free U-locks to students who registered their bikes. Registering your bike involves providing campus police with your name, contact info, bike serial number and make/model details. In the event that your bike goes missing, campus police will use the serial number to try and track it down. All registered bikes are also marked with a sticker and ID # so that campus police can more easily identify bikes they find. Registering your bike helps increase the likelihood that you will be re-united with a stolen bike – and the U-lock helps decrease the likelihood that your bike will be stolen. We’ve got an upcoming blog post about bicycle registration programs on campus, so stay tuned!

Over the weekend, UCycle hosted the first in a series of bike rides at McMaster. The 18km loop brought students to 7 of 10 destinations identified on the “Discover Your City Summer Passport”, including Bayfront Park where the group took an extended break to play Frisbee. We had a great turnout and look forward to seeing some familiar faces on our next ride exploring Hamilton’s Bike-Friendly Businesses (Oct 3).

UCycle was also on hand this weekend for Share the Road’s Family Fundo and 9th Annual Greg’s Ride. A busy week with much more in store.

Happy Cycling!

*Peterborough does not have bike racks on its city buses