Bikes Mean Business and for Students, Bikes Mean Discounts!

By Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Everyone is talking about how “bikes mean business”. Research from across North American has shown that creating a bike-friendly environment can help to increase profitability for nearby businesses. UCycle has developed an infographic that summarizes some of this research (click here to download a copy of the infographic).

Key points include:

  • Customers who arrive by bicycle visit businesses more often than those arriving by car and spend more money per month,
  • The installation of bike lanes and bike parking can help attract more customers and increase retail sales,
  • Cyclists travel at a speed that makes it easier to notice businesses and stop along their way.

This Fall, we are working with businesses in our 8 UCycle communities to leverage the relationship between bikes and business. Over 100 businesses are offering discounts to students who arrive by bicycle between September 1 and November 30, 2014. We hope that this bicycle –friendly business program will encourage students to try cycling while also supporting the businesses in their community.

You can recognize participating businesses by looking for our decal in their window.